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March 08, 2007



You are crazy and that is what is causing the laughing fits!! You goof ball, you are skinner than me and you need to lose weight?? What does that say about me??? Ok gota go now and exercise so I can keep up with my skinny cousin Michele!!! Love ya.. you are beautiful just the way you are!! You don't need to lose any weight! Miss you and love you. KIss the boys for me!


Oh, yeah, I have absolutely nothing to offer you... You are MY inspiration. Except that I just think I'll DIE if i give up wine and I don't own a jogger so that tells you how often I get out and exercise. So. You go, girl. I think the laughing fits are inspiration enough. Okay. back to my wine and the book i'm reading on how to play better with the kids. sigh.


i think you need an intervention. no wine OR coffee? that's just wrong. what do you eat for breakfast then?
good job on your workout yesterday and resisting temptation....i guess i shouldn't tell you about the FREE, HUGE slices of warm fresh-baked bread they give out at the great harvest bakery then, huh? forget i mentioned it.

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